Steel Entry Doors, Manufactured Stone Veneer, Vinyl Siding…WINNERS!

Phil Wengerd is Vice President of Market Strategies for ProVia

Phil Wengerd is Vice President of Market Strategies for ProVia

By Phil Wengerd

Each year we look forward to seeing REMODELING magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report because it gives us great insights about current trends in our industry. The report contains detailed data that compares the average cost for 36 popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale in 102 U.S. markets (Cost-Value). Very often the findings mirror trends that we observe with our own growing product mix here at ProVia.

This year’s Cost vs. Value Report provides a mixed bag of results, with some “winning” product categories, and others that have not fared as well. Interestingly, many of the categories where ProVia has product offerings are doing quite well.

These insights provide tips for homeowners who want to ensure that investments in their home translate into good resale value. For dealers, contractors and builders, you’ll find information that can be shared with customers so they can make the wisest home investment decisions. Following are some of our key takeaways from this year’s report.

2015 Cost vs. Value Report: Key Findings

Still #1: The 20-Gauge Steel Entry Door has consistently delivered the best return on investment for resale, holding the top spot in the Mid-range product category since its debut in this report in 2009/2010. This year it’s #1 again, providing a whopping 101.8% Cost-Value. The steel entry door is the only project that, on a national basis, more than pays back its investment (100% +) in the form of a better home resale price. Here at ProVia, our Legacy Steel Entry Doors are a consistent top sales performer.

  • 20-Gauge Steel Entry Door…..101.8% Cost-Value

Rising Star: A new project was added this year –manufactured stone veneer. This category zoomed to the top of the 2015 list, grabbing second place overall with a 92.2% Cost-Value. Increased product demand for Heritage Stone by ProVia is a reflection of this trend. In fact we anticipated that the demand for stone would be increasing, and are building a new state-of-the-art stone plant so we can fulfill this growing need.

  • Manufactured Stone Veneer…..92.2% Cost-Value

Midrange National Averages 2015Biggest Gainers: In this year’s report, only five projects saw their cost-value ratios rise. Three ProVia products are in this “biggest gainer” list:

  • 20-Gauge Steel Entry Door…..Up 5.4%
  • Vinyl Siding……………………..Up 3.2%
  • Fiberglass Entry Door…………Up 1.7%

Solid Investments: 7.3% of the total projects had payoffs topping 100%. The steel entry door job was most common, recouping all its costs and more in 43 markets. Manufactured stone veneer jobs recouped all costs in 27 markets.

Replacement Trumps Remodeling: Replacement jobs—such as door, window, and siding projects—generated a higher return than remodeling projects. This has been the case since at least 2003, but this year the gap widened by 3.8%. Replacement projects showed an average return of 73.2% in this year’s report, just a smidgen below its 73.7% last year, while the cost-value ratio of remodeling projects sank to 60.8% in this year’s report, down from 65.1% last year.

  • Replacement Jobs……..Average Return = 73.2%
  • Remodeling Projects….Average Return = 60.8%

Vinyl Siding Increasing; Fiber-Cement Decreasing: Vinyl siding jobs held their ground better than most job types, perhaps because of a rising perception nationwide of the value of curb appeal. Mid-range vinyl siding replacement jobs were one of only five projects to rise in value, to 80.7% from 78.2%. Interestingly, we saw the cost-value ratio for a fiber-cement replacement job dip to 84.3% from 87.0%.

  • Vinyl Siding Replacement……..Up 2.5%
  • Fiber-Cement Replacement…..Down 2.7%

There’s much more data in the full report, so we encourage you to take a look. What are your thoughts? Do any of these trends reflect what you’re seeing in your local marketplace? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts, we’d love to hear your feedback.

This article contains excerpts from REMODELING magazine’s 2015 Cost vs. Value Report.

No Place Like Home

During this season of giving, our thoughts revolve around family and friends, and we feel a sense of gratitude and joy in the company of loved ones. We spend time relaxing in the comfort of our homes, and enjoy this luxury most during the holidays.

But for Some, There is NO Place Like Home
Recently Joe Klink, Director of Corporate Relations for ProVia, visited Haiti to serve at an orphanage called No Place Like Home. Here they help children who lost their families and homes as a result of the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. As you can see in this video, the orphanage is a place of loving care and safety for the children. They receive calls almost daily asking them to take on more orphaned children, however today they’re at capacity, and it’s heartbreaking to turn down these requests.

Orphanage Expansion Underway
Upon returning home, Joe shared the news of the great need at the orphanage with the corporate leadership team at ProVia. They decided to donate funds to get an expansion project started, and are now leading fundraising efforts, and also contacting other building materials companies to collect the products needed to expand the orphanage facility so they can accept more children.

Please Consider a Year-End Donation
In this season of giving, if you’re looking for ways to support a meaningful cause, this video shows how you can make a big difference. Please join us in helping beautiful, innocent children who need a place they can call home. There are many ways you can contribute:

  • Donate Building Materials and Furnishings: Manufacturers, dealers and contractors can help by providing needed materials and furnishings for the expansion project. On the No Place like Home website you’ll find a list of items that would be greatly appreciated. Please email Joe ( to make arrangements for these donations.
  • Donate Funds: Financial sponsors help maintain the operation of the orphanage and support the expansion project. 100% of the money donated (minus a small processing fee for online donations) will go directly to the orphanage. Here is the page where you can make a donation.
  • Sponsor a Child: On the No Place like Home website you can view the photo gallery and stories of children at the orphanage who need our help. Here you can view the options and learn about the daily needs your sponsorship fulfills.

No Place Like Home provides a place where orphaned children can be nurtured, so they can shine brightly in the world. We hope you’ll consider helping us give the gift of a loving home in this season of giving.

Please share this video, and visit to learn more.

Which Grout Color? Consider Your “Grout Personality”!

By Jerome Zenoby, Heartland Siding and Heritage Stone Brand Manager for ProVia

When homeowners are looking at Heritage Stone by ProVia for their home, it’s all about…the stone! But you can also add a lot of design drama with the right choice of grout color. A good manufactured stone installation can become GREAT when adding colored grout. What kinds of color choices should you consider? Here’s a simple guide to help you choose just the right “grout personality” that reflects your personal style.

Sophisticated and Elegant
For an understated, elegant look, match the grout color with the dominant color shadings in the manufactured stone (shown below is Chesapeake Ledgestone with white grout).

This is a subtle-but-sophisticated choice, for those whose tastes run conservative. The lady of the house might think of this like pearls for a little black dress – always appropriate; always in style.

Chesapeake Ledgestone with White Grout

Chesapeake Ledgestone with White Grout

Bold and Dramatic
This high-style look brings bold drama to the home. The key here is to choose a grout color that’s the exact opposite of the stone color. With light stone, use dark grout, and with dark stone use light grout.

The effect is eye-popping, and shows off the shapes and textures of the manufactured stone. This attention-getter is for those who NEVER want to blend in with all the rest.

Chesapeake Ledgestone with Grey Grout

Chesapeake Ledgestone with Grey Grout

Rustic and Earthy
This grout color choice blends both of the approaches above, and reflects the array of earthy colors found in nature. In the photo below, the wide range of shadings in Seneca Drystack manufactured stone sets the stage. Choose a grout color that matches one of these shades, and it will naturally contrast with the others.

For nature lovers and those who appreciate the full spectrum of rustic earthy tones, this is a perfect choice.

Seneca Drystack with Brown Grout

Seneca Drystack with Brown Grout

For a pulled-together look, weave a matching color choice throughout the various elements of the home’s exterior. In the house photo below we’re showing Seneca Drystack with brown grout color in a shade that matches the brown in the Cedarbrook shake and the HeartTech siding, the front entry door and the garage door.

This look reflects a designer aesthetic, providing instant curb appeal. Just like a well-coordinated suit, shirt and tie, this look projects confident quality.

Seneca Drystack with Brown Grout

Seneca Drystack with Brown Grout

It’s All About the Details
At ProVia, we serve by caring for details in ways that others won’t. We hope these ideas for choosing grout colors will help you polish up the details of your home with style.

What’s YOUR grout personality? Comment below and let us know!

Remodeling Professionals (and Custom Entry Doors) Needed!

Joe Klink is Director of Corporate Relations for ProVia

Joe Klink is Director of Corporate Relations for ProVia

The experts always say, “look for the market gap.” Loosely defined, a market gap exists when a lot of people need something that not many companies are providing. If your company can fulfill that need, you’ll have lots of customers headed your way.

One of our industry’s top resources, Hanley-Wood, has published a report highlighting a significant opportunity with the aging baby boomer population. Notably, the number of adults aged 65-74 is projected to nearly double by 2030. And contrary to popular belief, they don’t intend to flood nursing homes or downsize. More than 80% plan to stay in their current home for retirement.

aging in place
Here’s the gap
: while growing numbers of people intend to “age in place” in their homes, they often lack the kinds of accessibility features (in their entry doors, for example) they may require. Contractors, remodelers and building products manufacturers such as ProVia are needed to fulfill this huge demand, that will grow for many years to come.

Remodeling Professionals Needed!
“Age in place” households have a huge need for professionals and products, and this is highlighted in facts from a Remodeling report citing studies done by the AARP, the Joint Center for Housing Studies Harvard University, and Hanley Wood 360 Research:

  • The leading edge of the baby boom is projected to nearly double the number of adults aged 65-74 from 21.7 million (2010) to 38.6 million (2030)
  • 6 in 10 homeowners plan to stay in their current home for retirement
  • The median net wealth of homeowners aged 50 and over was 44 times that of renters in the same age group
  • There are over 11,500,000 million pro-worthy remodeling projects undertaken in 2014 and an estimated 44% of these are undertaken by 55+ households
  • As consumers age, their use of professional contractors increases
  • 5.5 million older households include someone with mobility difficulty, but have homes without no-step entryways
  • Demand far outstrips supply

The “Home for Life” Project
Recognizing this opportunity the folks at Hanley-Wood’s Remodeling magazine put together a program called “Home For Life” that educates the public on how to address accessibility needs. They’re promoting a project home on their website and working with high-profile partners such as the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). ProVia is a sponsor, and our entry doors are featured in the project home.

hflProVia Custom Entry Doors – Adaptable for Special Requirements
ProVia’s custom entry doors are adaptable to special requirements, such as those needed to address mobility issues. Our entry doors were chosen for use in the Universal Design Living Laboratory, which showcases home features that accommodate people of all abilities. Our custom entry doors were also used when remodeling the home of a Boston Marathon bombing survivor. The doors for this home address requirements for proper door width, thresholds, and ADA ease-of-use specifications for wheelchair accessibility.

Filling the Gap
As the need for accessible entryways grows, ProVia is positioned to fulfill escalating demand, and there’s a growing need for professional contractors as well. Together, ProVia and our family of remodeling professionals can help fill the gap. Our custom entry door capabilities will help the aging boomer population live out their dreams to stay home.

The Greatest Enemy of Greatness

As the tides of the housing market rise, many businesses are breathing a sigh of relief after the hard years of the downturn. But there are dangers in the “comfort zone.” Recently ProVia CEO Bill Mullet delivered a speech to our sales team as a challenge against complacency, and in support of ProVia’s core value of Continuous Improvement. Here we share a few excerpts you may find inspiring.

ProVia CEO Bill Mullet

ProVia CEO Bill Mullet

The Greatest Enemy of Greatness
A good question many business leaders ask themselves is “What keeps me awake at night?” Well for me, this answer is simple – it’s the comfort zone. We all know that the greatest enemy to being great is “being good,” a place where we’re comfortable. The comfort zone, I believe, is the greatest enemy to our passion. We can become so comfortable in this zone that we lose our passion, especially passion of quality and service.

I believe at ProVia we’re “the best of the best.” This should make me happy, right? But what keeps me awake is that we know that we’re good, and that could keep us from getting better.

Dangers of the Comfort Zone
When we get into our comfort zone, we relax and feel secure. We’re not afraid of challenges because they don’t exist. In our comfort zone, we’re in control, we’re familiar. We can predict tomorrow because as someone once said, “We cut and Paste” today. We get what we want without much effort. This is the reason many people don’t like change, because they’re comfortable and change destroys comfort.

With fast-changing technologies, products, processes, customer requirements and market opportunities, it’s suicidal for a business to sit on its laurels. We must continue to innovate and evolve. We must adapt new and better technologies, new and better products, new and better techniques, new and better processes, new and better styles, new and better services. What worked yesterday may not necessarily work today, and probably won’t work tomorrow.

Embrace the Uncharted Terrain
We should apply these ideas to our personal lives as well. The moment we become comfortable and satisfied with “who I am,” passion dies and we lose the desire to improve ourselves. But we can always find ways to get better. Let’s make sure we embrace the uncharted terrain. It may be tough, the road may be rocky, it may be uphill – but let’s embrace it.

Do we want to live a full successful life? Then I challenge us to expand our boundaries. When we stretch and reach a goal, stretch a little bit more. In doing so, you’ll not only reinvent yourself but also our business and our customers, and we’ll contribute to making the world a better place to live.

Relentless Discomfort with the Status Quo
Let me conclude by simply saying this: that the comfort zone will take us and any other company to its demise. We can never let that happen. We must never become too comfortable. We must have a relentless discomfort with the status quo and say, “We’re going to the next level.” We’ll help each other get there. As we work together, I believe we’re going to be unstoppable.

I want to thank all of you for being unstoppable. For working together, for supporting each other and doing the job we’re called to do. Thank you!

What to Look For in Replacement Windows (Slideshow)

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

By Wanda Angel

The world is full of replacement windows. For a homeowner (or even a dealer or contractor), the choices can be overwhelming. What should you look for when shopping for replacement windows, to make sure you’re getting the most from your investment?

Innovations in Performance and Style
Most homeowners want it all: stylish quality, energy efficiency and low maintenance. At ProVia we’ve created each of our replacement window series to provide market-leading innovations that deliver on these selection criteria. Our revolutionary Aeris Wx1000 series windows combine a real wood interior with a low-maintenance vinyl exterior to provide stylish quality without the hassle. To enhance energy efficiency, our ComforTech™ Glass Glazing options can provide an R-value up to 9, giving them a window that meets the qualifying U-factor criteria for an ENERGY STAR® rated window in their climate zone. And our Inspirations Art Glass can make your replacement windows into colorful, unique works of art.

“Professional Class” Replacement Windows
ProVia is unique in the marketplace because we cater to customers who demand a high degree of quality, service and customization. To describe this unique perspective we refer to our products as “Professional Class.” As a first step in your selection process, view this slideshow to get a quickie tour of ProVia’s replacement window options that reflect the Professional Class approach. We hope this will give you some ideas about “what’s out there” and help you get the best value for your dollar.

Aeris Wx1000 Windows

These replacement windows from ProVia offer the best of both worlds. They are uniquely engineered using a patented system to provide the warmth and beauty of a real wood interior with a low-maintenance vinyl exterior that will keep its new looks for years. Aeris Wx1000 window units come completely pre-finished. The standard glass package is the ComforTech warm edge glazing system utilizing DLA-UV; which offers increased UV protection and a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Aeris™ VT700 and VT800 Series

These vinyl replacement windows from ProVia combine superior quality and energy efficiency to deliver today’s highest levels of performance. They feature the ComfortTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System, which provides superior resistance to heat transfer through glass, keeping your home comfortable while saving on energy costs.

Integra® Series Windows

Integra replacement windows reduce energy consumption and are virtually maintenance-free. Because homes have a variety of window shapes, sizes and configurations, ProVia custom builds these vinyl replacement windows to meet specific needs. The Integra series offers a wide selection of styles, including double hung, casement, sliders, picture, bays, bows and dramatic architectural shapes.

ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System

ProVia’s proprietary ComforTech system improves the thermal performance of our replacement windows, up to an R-value of 9. Every ComfortTech glass package features a NO-METAL spacer between the panes of glass and gas filled cavities that provide you with highly energy-efficient glass and a warmer glass edge.

Aluminum Storm Windows

ProVia’s professional-class storm windows are custom built from heavy-duty extruded aluminum to fit the exact specifications of any window opening. A cost-effective alternative to total window replacement, these windows reduce energy costs while also minimizing noise infiltration.

Inspirations Art™ Glass

This glass option for replacement windows is great way to add artistic character and splashes of color to your home. Inspirations offers many of the benefits of stained glass, at a more affordable price. With four bead colors, five harmonized color palettes for the fill, along with the ability to design custom color combinations, the design choices are extensive.

Entry Doors and Replacement Windows: The Best-Kept Secret

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

Wanda Angel is Door & Window Brand Manager for ProVia

By Wanda Angel

Early this morning, I was driving down the road taking my dog to the vet before heading in for work. I felt a rush of happiness as I looked at the explosion of summer colors around me! Right now the lush green backdrop of trees is splashed with flowers in every color in the rainbow. I was struck by the incredible power of color to attract attention and breathe fresh beauty into everything.

Summer is also a time when people are sprucing up their homes and working to maximize their curb appeal. So I wondered, do people know there’s a unique way to add color to entry doors and replacement windows that lasts year-round?

Add splashes of color with Inspirations Art™ Glass

Add splashes of color with Inspirations Art™ Glass

Best-Kept Secret for Color – Revealed!
When you think about your entry doors and replacement windows, do you think about color? You can easily add color with our Inspirations Art™ Glass, and this is the best-kept secret I’d like to share with you. Most people spend time thinking about the finishes and framing, and that’s a great start. But what about the glass? Here’s where you can add splashes of color, just like planting flowers adds beauty to the green backdrops in nature. Inspirations is available for ProVia’s entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, sidelites and replacement windows, and we have lots of designs you can choose from.

Inspirations Art™ Glass, truly unique works of art

Inspirations Art™ Glass, truly unique works of art

Artistic in Nature
Inspirations Art Glass is unique because the designs come from hand drawn sketches done by our in-house team of artists. These are truly unique works of art. I have the pleasure of being a part of this team, and it’s so fun and rewarding! Once the designs are complete, the production process combines the latest technology in CNC resin bead application with the personal touch of hand-applied color fills. This offers homeowners a lot of character plus the privacy attributes of stained glass, at a more affordable price. With four bead colors, five harmonized color palettes for the fill, along with the ability to design custom color combinations, the design choices are extensive.

The Harbor design is very popular with homeowners

The Harbor design is very popular with homeowners

Recently we did a project where we developed a series of nautical designs, because we had many customers requesting this motif for waterfront-area homes. As we produced sketches, we worked with our sales team, showing them the designs. Finally we narrowed it down to the three most-sought-after designs: a lighthouse, a ship’s wheel and a Texas star. The lighthouse design, which we call Harbor, has been a HUGE hit for ProVia already.

So Rewarding
The ROI for investing in the products like entry doors and replacement windows is really strong right now, as discussed in Phil Wengerd’s blog post “Lots of Good News for Home Remodeling.” This makes perfect sense to me, since people respond to curb appeal so strongly. If you’re thinking about new doors or windows for your home, take advantage of the chance to add color! Your home will stand out with originality and character, and will thrill you every day, in any season.

How to Sell Vinyl Siding in the Digital Age

Jerome Zenoby is Heartland Siding and Heritage Stone Brand Manager for ProVia

Jerome Zenoby is Heartland Siding and Heritage Stone Brand Manager for ProVia

By Jerome Zenoby

The way vinyl siding is sold today is vastly different than the way we did it 10-15 years ago. And yet, the core of this activity remains the same. It all boils down to human-to-human interaction. As sales trainer Brian Tracy once said, “Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.” How can we apply this to siding? And what kinds of tools can we use to do this most effectively? A careful blend of traditional approaches combined with new digital “cool tools” will not only help you sell more vinyl siding, but ensure you have happier customers too.

Cool Tools in the Digital Age
We’re starting to see a shift where homeowners are “self-educating” using today’s digital tools. Many times, before they even talk to us, they’ve already been influenced by information they’ve found on websites, in discussion forums, via apps, and even through social media. For siding buyers, whether they’re homeowners, builders, contractors, this is a reversal of mindset. Buyers today know they can self-serve the information they need to narrow down the selection process, without being dependent on salespeople to give them preliminary information. Often, by the time a customer calls you, they’ve already decided (or are pretty close to deciding) what they want. When selling vinyl siding, you could be in or out of the selection process without even knowing about it. To make sure you’re in the game, rely on your siding manufacturer to give you the ammunition you need.

Most manufacturers now offer ingenious tools like online visualizing software. Heartland Siding by ProVia has a Visualizer on our website that allows people to virtually remodel their homes, without spending a penny or swinging a hammer!

Cool Tool: ProVia’s online Visualizer allows people to virtually remodel their homes.

We also have our ProVia Designer Collections lookbook, a 52-page photographic catalog that features groupings of complementary color choices for vinyl siding, entry doors and manufactured stone. By showing various combinations of harmonious color options for exterior building products, the lookbook provides creative idea-starters for contractors and dealers to use with their customers. It’s available in a print version and also online and helps people “become a designer” by empowering them with professionally-chosen color palettes. Tools like visualizers and lookbooks help take the guesswork and risk out of making siding choices, helping ensure a satisfied customer.

Old is Still Gold
As I’ve worked in the siding business I’ve developed relationships with people and organizations across our industry, including other vinyl siding manufacturers. We all agree, “old school” is still working, and there’s a need for it. Sure, we have great digital tools that help to educate, and influence the final purchase. However, that final purchase is usually not made without the buyer actually holding a product sample in their hands, or looking at it in-person on an installed home. So, in the final stages, decisions are not being made without seeing, touching and feeling the actual product. Digital tools add some desirable sizzle that makes the process exciting for the buyer. But the final decision is a human-to-human interaction.

As a siding brand manager I get a close-up view of what salespeople are using. At Heartland Siding we still see heavy ordering of traditional tools like hand sample boards, color fan decks, brochures and showroom display materials. So today we blend old and new approaches to selling vinyl siding.

Happily Involved
I know here at ProVia we have a conscious focus on avoiding “gimmicks.” We put a lot of thought into everything we do with our marketing and sales tools, such as our literature, website, visualizer, and lookbook. Our goal is simply to help solve a problem or achieve a goal. You can’t go wrong if you do everything you can to simply provide quality tools, old school and digital, that help everyone have a successful outcome. Long before digital tools were available, Tom Hopkins, another great sales trainer, coined the phrase “getting people happily involved with your product.” Keep that as your focus, and you’ll sell a lot of vinyl siding.

This article first appeared in Building Products Digest.

Now That’s a Door!

Brian Miller is President of ProVia

Brian Miller is President of ProVia

By Brian Miller

Many of you have seen our new Embarq™ Fiberglass Entry Door System*, the most energy-efficient entry door available in the U.S. market. It’s fascinating to hear your responses when you get a first-hand look. The comment we hear most often? “Now THAT’s a door!” Its beefiness is impressive, but there are brains behind this brawn. I thought you might be interested in a peek behind the scenes about how this door was created.

We’ve Always Been This Way
The best new products come about when they’re aligned with a company’s “DNA.” In other words, when the product innovation is a match for the organization’s unique goals, philosophies, values and capabilities. When work began on Embarq, our goal was clear: to produce the most energy-efficient door in our market. And ProVia’s track record for energy efficiency made us uniquely qualified to take on this challenge:

  • ProVia has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year award for Door Manufacturing four times, and the ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence award four times
  • ProVia is the only door manufacturer that has ever received any ENERGY STAR award for door manufacturing
  • Whether its steel or fiberglass, energy efficiency is always a major consideration when designing our doors
  • ProVia prioritizes energy efficiency education: through dealer/distributor training, marketing materials, and even our Sammy the Star program for elementary schools
  • ProVia’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency extends beyond just products, with our programs for pollution prevention and recycling, and even the use of TriPacs (auxiliary power units that reduce fuel usage and emissions) on our trucks

enVision-ing the Future of Energy-Efficient Doors
envision logoAs we set out on our journey to develop our new fiberglass entry door, the process expanded into a complete philosophy of creating unrivaled efficiency in home building products. We call this new way of thinking enVision. The first creation using the enVision philosophy is Embarq – the doorway to innovation and energy efficiency. There’s a mindset to enVision that’s critical to success: “don’t let old paradigms stand in your way.” This means that first, you have to throw out the old way of thinking.

Throwing Out Old Paradigms: The Making of Embarq
For several months we had 15-20 people meeting every week to work on the design of the Embarq door. The aha moment came from an industry meeting, where one person commented “until you guys get it through your head that a door doesn’t have to be 1¾” thick, you’re not going to improve energy efficiency.” With this, we opened our minds and started thinking that a door doesn’t have to be a certain thickness.

embarq logo-tempWe began experimenting and designed a 2½” thick entry door that also incorporates other advancements. For example, we utilized a stepped edge, which was inspired by European door designs. We also added multiple sealing surfaces: Embarq has two weather seals around the perimeter of the door, instead of one. Both of these upgrades enhance our ability to prevent air infiltration. For the foam, ProVia engineers created the optimum balance between strength and energy efficiency.

Lots of Innovation, Simplified for You
Now that sounds like a lot of change, and it is. But even though Embarq is thicker, it does work with our existing jamb system and threshold. This helps us keep our manufacturing and product costs down, because we can utilize existing equipment and processes. This is also a great benefit for installers because you don’t have to install it any differently.

Additionally, we’re taking the body of knowledge we’ve developed for energy-efficient doors and utilizing it as we develop all of our products. You’ll benefit from our technological advancements on energy efficiency in the entire line of ProVia’s professional-class doors, replacement windows and vinyl siding.

Future Focus
One of ProVia’s Core Values is Future Focus: “We define our destination…and create the path to get there.” Defining our destination of creating the most energy-efficient door in the U.S. market was critical in achieving this milestone. But we’re not done yet. Right now we’re working on glass for Embarq. To maintain the doors’ beautiful aesthetic, we’ll incorporate the Plugless Trim we’ve just launched for our Signet fiberglass entry doors. This uses a clip system, which we’re modifying to accommodate the thicker door and glass. We’re also working to make sure that the glass that goes into Embarq maintains the doors’ high energy efficiency. Style options for Embarq with glass are underway for release in the near future.

Only From ProVia
If anyone was going to do this, it’s ProVia. We have an organizational structure and culture that allow us to be very nimble. We have a close team that works hands-on, face-to-face, without being separated into various offices around the country. This strengthens our ability to collaborate and remain very focused on a clear end goal, as a team.

ProVia has always emphasized energy efficiency and pursued continuous improvements with high energy-performing products. With the introduction of Embarq and our enVision program, we’re strengthening our commitment to leadership in energy efficiency.”

To learn more, check out our videos: Embarq: Revolution in Energy-Efficient Fiberglass Doors, and Core Values Drive ProVia’s Success.

*Embarq is available exclusively through ProVia Platinum Club dealers
Embarq Fiberglass Door by ProVia

Lots of Good News for Home Remodeling

Phil Wengerd is Vice President of Market Strategies for ProVia

Phil Wengerd is Vice President of Market Strategies for ProVia

By Phil Wengerd

Recently we learned that four of ProVia’s key product lines – entry doors, replacement windows, vinyl siding and insulated siding – are named “best remodeling projects for maximum return on investment” in the 2014 Cost vs. Value Report released by Hanley Wood’s REMODELING magazine. In this report they measure the percentage of the cost of home remodeling projects (“Cost”) that is recouped in resale value (“Value”). The numbers shown in this report are averages from 101 markets across the U.S.

Of course we’re always glad to know we’re right in the middle of a sweet spot in the market. But I’m not here to bore you with the details of why this is good for ProVia. However, I do want to share just a few of the headlines, because there’s a whole lot of good news in here for everyone – including homeowners, contractors and dealers.

Here are the key takeaways I see from the report. There may be some “news you can use” in here!

  • The Trend is Continuing in the Right Direction.  For the second year in a row, all product categories have gone up. By “gone up” we mean that a higher percentage of the money that is invested in a home remodeling project is recouped in the home’s resale value (in comparison to the prior year). From a big-picture economics standpoint, this is very encouraging news.
  • What Does This Mean for the Homeowner?  Buyer’s confidence is continuing to grow. This means that people can have more confidence that if they invest in their home, and put some money in to upgrade it, this is a safer move because the market is increasingly valuing home remodeling projects.
  • Survey Says…Put a New 20-Gauge Steel Entry Door On Your House!  If you look at the data it tells you – the first and foremost thing you should do if you want to invest in your home is put in a new 20-gauge steel entry door. Steel entry doors actually came in #1 in the survey (with a whopping 96.6% Cost-Value, as you can see in Figure 1). What this says to me is there’s a high value for curb appeal. And since doors rank so high overall in the survey (fiberglass entry doors were a top performer too, with a 70.8% Cost-Value) this speaks to me about the connection that homeowners have with their front entryway. People really want to have an entry with an inviting look, and this shows up in resale value. And when you compare the cost of an entry door with the other projects on this list, it’s a relatively low dollar amount to put back into your house, while gaining significant resale value.

Figure 1: The #1 performer out of 35 categories is Entry Door Replacement (Steel), at 96.6% Cost-Value.

2014 Cost vs. Value Report (from Hanley Wood’s REMODELING magazine)

  • Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Coming On Strong  While steel entry doors have consistently topped the list, fiberglass entry doors have actually been growing at a faster pace. This tells me that people are valuing the features and benefits of a fiberglass door more than they used to. We also see this trajectory of growth in an increase in sales for ProVia’s fiberglass doors. Steel is remaining strong and steady, but fiberglass is expanding faster.
  • Vinyl Siding and Insulated Vinyl Siding Continue Their Steady Climb  While historically fiber cement has been a strong market contender, I think awareness is growing that there’s maintenance that needs to be done with this product. So I think we’ll continue to see a shift toward truly maintenance-free products ­ vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding. Our lives are too busy, we don’t want to hassle with taking care of something year after year. We want to put something on our house that’s going to last.
  • Replacement Windows Are a Bellwether Product  Replacement windows have also experienced a nice rise over the past couple of years. I attribute that to economic conditions – the overall market seems to be strengthening.
  • High-ROI  Leading the list of High-ROI projects is entry door replacement (steel), which topped 100% in 38 cities. Because there are 101 cities in this survey, this means that in 38% of locations nationwide, you get every dollar back on a steel entry door replacement.
  • Mid-Range vs. Upscale Projects  Home remodeling projects priced in the Mid-Range improved 10.6% versus 8.8% for those that are priced in the Upscale category. This was somewhat surprising to me, but it’s probably an indicator that more people with mid-range budgets are getting back into the market. This could be telling us something about how the market is recovering. I find this to be a very healthy indicator, because if only the very wealthy are putting money back into their homes, that would not be good. But the real power of the market is when there are more mid-range projects happening, because there’s a higher quantity of mid-range folks.

Even Better News Than You May Think
For the second consecutive year, all home remodeling projects have gone up in Cost-Value. But for the first time in four years, improved resale value of residential housing has more of an influence on the Cost vs. Value than the project cost itself. The 2.2% increase in project costs were more than offset by the 11.5% improvement in average national resale value. (This means that costs have only increased by 2.2% but the resale value has jumped by 11.5%.) That’s a significant spread. I don’t think most people are aware that the market is growing this strongly. We tend to have a general feel that the market is getting better, but most people don’t realize that it’s really this good. This further supports the idea that people can invest with confidence.

Great news and lots of upside here for all of us! What do you think? What are you seeing in your market? Please comment below and share your thoughts.